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38 definitions by Anne

colloquial slang equivalent to "and stuff" when added to the end of a sentence.
I had to go to work, the post office, the banks, and janks. I was busy.
by anne June 23, 2004
79 53
nice, down to earth guy, with lots of things in common with everybody (no he's not schizofrenic)
HIM lead singer
by Anne December 18, 2003
44 20
Larger than average male breasts. Also known as man boobs or man tits. Origin: mammaries (female breasts)
That guy's manmaries are so big, I think he'd need a C-cup if he wore a bra!
by Anne December 10, 2003
25 2
a girl named stella who is also called bella
stella bella <3
by anne December 18, 2003
25 9
A person who is so indoctrinated by a particular ideology that he can no longer form his own individual subjective opinion and simply repeats a commonly held view
Mum: All aliens must be feared
Kid: I hate aliens
by Anne February 16, 2005
10 0
Music, usually featuring acoustic guitars, written by women for women.
Joan Osbourne is totally cunt rock!
by Anne May 09, 2004
14 5
1) little crumb of bread 2) brilliant 6 year old with green eyes
I think I ain't seen nothing like Miette.
by anne August 30, 2003
14 6