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Buffalo Sex has nothing to do with Buffalos but rather with Buffulonians--Not those weird animals roaming the Great Planes--but those poor souls stuck in plain Buffalo, a town of little attraction beset by looming, slack boredom.

Buffalo Sex is any number of the mundane activities of the local inhabitants, used to pass the lonely hours of the long, cold winters in lack of more entertaining or meaningful options of which there are but few. Buffalo Sex is any unexciting passtime, as (un)sexy than the city itself.

The term was coined after the pathetic sexual habits of the locals, i.e., brief sessions of masturbatory scratching, ending anticlimatically or a going-through-the-motions coitus.

However, as its currency spread the term acquired more metaphorical meanings which have nothing to do with sex per se. Although coined after the sorry habits of Buffalo locals, Buffalo Sex is a widespread practice with lots of sub-genres and slippery phenomenology; it is therefore, sometimes hard to detect.

Buffalo Sex could be but is not limited to: 1) Mending old socks.2)Zapping on 3AM on a Monday.3)Picking your nose. 4) Commuting to work.5) Commuting from work. 6) Eating a frozen TV dinner, frozen.5)Popping zits.

#boredom #mundane #lonely #winter #meaningless
by AnnaO January 26, 2006
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