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Ruth is the last name of a family of highly advanced intellectuals and talented sports figures (the most famous and well known of which, was Babe Ruth.) Their orgins date back to ancient Greece, 2900 B.C. It is rumored they were the first to discover fire and use the wheel. Generally, they are also incredibly cute. So cute, in fact, that for the first time in history, the first war broke out between nomads from the east and the Ruth's because the nomads kept invading their space to stare at them. The nomads had never seen anyone as cute. The Ruth's also are known for intense, out of this world, war strategy. Their cut throatedness is the fiercest out of any in the entire world.
"I don't understand... I've never seen anyone as cute as Ms. A Ruth, but I'm afraid she will kick my ass..."

"Amazing, Katie Ruth just swam the English Channel in 5 minutes!"
by Anna Ruth September 04, 2006
A funny looking, but cute kid, that stared on the television series The Wonder years. His friend on the show, Paul, was played by Marilyn Manson. His younger brother, Ben Savage, stared in Boy Meets World.
"Fred Savage was just great in the wonder years!!"
by Anna Ruth September 04, 2006

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