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Ugly creatures that hide under your bed and grow when dirty laundry is shoved under the bed and into their mouth. (n)
The boogeyman, the sandman, "that monster under my bed"

The grobeds ate my homework!
by Ann & Allegra June 24, 2009
The feeling of calm, chill, relaxation gained from the feeling of sticking one's head inside a freezer. Can also be achieved by scaling snow-capped mountains or standing in the frozen food isle of a grocery store.
Things were looking a little fuzzy after gaining ice high from the refrigerator.

He fell off the mountain after suffering from ice high.
by Ann & Allegra August 05, 2009
A word that cannot be said without sounding the speaker sounding english or gay. Some words are only spokles if they are said with certain accsents.
Comes from a mispronontuation of the word "sparkle."
Spokle itself is a spokle.
by Ann & Allegra August 05, 2009
A word you can’t say without sounding like something else that may or may not be considered perverted or inappropriate.

Can be considered a part of speech, in which case it is abreviated "std."
Bilbo (the little bear in that game... "Bilbo")
Qumquat (sometimes spelled cumquat)
Nailed (whichever kind you prefer)

"Touching" is often thought of as a sterd because it implies something other than what it really means.
by Ann & Allegra August 05, 2009

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