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The most physically and mentally challenging sport on Earth. Constant swimming keeps the body in great shape while the speed of the game itself trains reflexes and quick thinking. Water Polo in essence takes the most difficult aspects of soccer and football and puts them together in a 30 meter pool. The synergy of the physical and mental aspects of Water Polo creates one of the most pure and true sports in the world.
Dont like Water Polo? Thats ok, only true athletes can appreciate a real sport.
by Animal August 29, 2004
A very quick, torquy little coupe that cannot be truely appreciated unless driven. GTs hated by hords of Hondas that have been smoked. ** The only true four wheel steer wonder of the street.
" You've got a what?"
"I wasn't ready, I'll take you at the next light"
(looking at the rear wheels steer) "Do that again.."
by Animal July 06, 2004
usually a large ginner hoe. Not good with money, has no friends. Arse cheeks have a postal code each!
.. usually follows a more specific first name.
by Animal September 02, 2003
bring your own yams, as in the things that are often confused with sweet potatoes.
you are invited to my yam party but byoy!
by animal May 25, 2004

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