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A mythical city consisting only of breasts and broken dreams. Fagolas need not apply as citizenship will be denied.
Suck on this boobtropolis, you son of a bitch!
by Angz May 22, 2007
A bong in the shape of a vagina. When sucked on leads to arousal in the pantelones. Not to be confused with garfunkel records.
Suck on this bongina, you son of a bitch!`
by Angz May 22, 2007
a condition where the testes satchel contains such a large quantity of semen, due to lack of sexual activity with the ladies, that its only purpose in life is to sag.
thats a massive case of sagnut!
check out the sagnut on that guy!
suck on this sagnut you son of a bitch!
by Angz September 11, 2007
The sweet nectar obtained from the breasts of the female gender. Goes well with a side of woman juice.
"that ariola juice quenched my thirst!"
"pick my up a six pack of ariola juice on your way out, roseanne!"
"suck on this ariola juice you son of a bitch!"
by Angz September 11, 2007
A descriptive word for something that sucks.
That frock you have on is so gayola dude.
by Angz May 22, 2007
referring to the fact that old geezers elbows look like the ball sack. also known as saggy old man syndrome.
"she sucked on my grandpa's elbow!"
"i got more hair on my grandpa's elbow than you got on your head baldy!"
"suck on this grandpa's elbow you son of a bitch!"
by Angz September 11, 2007

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