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A witch whose whole house is their sacred space (as opposed to having just an altar). Similiar to a kitchen witch.
There's such an amazing atmosphere in Mary's house; it must be because she's a housewitch.
by Angulique April 02, 2007
Noun. A cat. Can be singular or plural. Pronounced Me-Yoo-Fulls. Also, Mewfies (pronounced Me-Yoo-Fees).
(Singular) "Look at that Mewfles!"

(Plural) "Where are all my Mewfles?" or "Have the Mewfles been fed?"
by Angulique March 08, 2007
The opposite of traditionally.
"Traditionally, Grog is a mix of rum and water, but Modernally it's a mix of rum, hot water and spices."
by Angulique June 07, 2007
When you're friends talk you into, or make you do something. Used like gunpoint, but in regards to friends.
I didn't want to see that movie, but they held me at friendpoint until I went.

I only went skydiving because my friends held me at friendpoint.
by Angulique February 25, 2008
To have sex with someone you have never had sex with before.

A different take on the term Unique Hit used to show website visits from new/unique users, as opposed to those who frequent the site.
I could have hooked up with John again, but I was working on a Unique Hit.

Man, I got so many Unique Hits last week!
by Angulique September 08, 2009
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