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When a person/deletes or uninstalls a game from their computer out of rage at the game.
Bob: Why isnt johnny playing Burnout with us?

Steven: He rage uninstalled when he couldnt beat a race in carrer mode.
by ANGRYUNIBROW November 19, 2011
Someone who has a pair of huge lips. Similar to lips belonging to black people. Derived from how much lipstick gaga wears on those blimps on her face.
John: Why are Tina's lips covered in lipstick?

Danny: She is trying to cover up her lady gaga lips.

John: She looks like fuckin rihanna.
by AngryUnibrow December 29, 2011
When the ass on a girl is so tight and so small that it seems that she is an anorexic. Usually pointed out by tight fitting yoga pants or tight fitting jeans.

Most white actresses and Olympic athletes have this condition, and its sweeping across the nation and infecting every slut in schools everywhere. They wear Abercrombe yoga pants to show off how skinny and white they are.
"Why is Sarah only a size 6 in yoga pants?"
"Its cause she has an anorexic ass and she can fit into it.
by AngryUnibrow January 06, 2012

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