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1. A small rat like creature. If one lemming jumps off a cliff all of the lemmings will jump off with it.

2. A person that follows another person and does everything the same as the person they are following.

"That bitch is such a fucking lemming she has no mind of her own."
#lemmings #rat like creature #person #follower #copy cat
by Angelina :P January 13, 2007
1. To disapate like vapor.

2. The greatest band in the world, with the most talented singer, Amy Lee.
"My favorite band is "Evanescence."
#evanescence #amy lee #disapate #disapper #fucking awesome band
by Angelina :P January 13, 2007
1. Not to have anyone with you or to be alone.
The little girl was solitude in the world with no one to hold her. No one to care for her. Yet she smiled didn't let a tear slip down her face. She was strong.
#alone #solitude #forever alone #not with someone #lonliness
by Angelina :P January 13, 2007
A biscuit that is so good it practically gives you an orgasim.
"Damn, those are some good sex biscuits."
#sex #biscuit #delicious #orgasim #smurf
by Angelina :P January 13, 2007
A gay male that gets fucked in the ass by they're big dick black boyfriend.
The dark skinned man said in his deep voice pointing to a fraile white man, "That's Bob my bend over boyfriend."
#bob #bend #over #boyfriend #b.o.b
by Angelina :P January 13, 2007
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