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a girls pussy! another word for female genetalia pussy cunt vaginasnatchbox
that hoochie got crabs in her Foofee!
by Angel April 26, 2005
this word is a young word like for a plyer who really wants to be a breaker or it is a breaker.it is also a qiuck word for an player who is strong and also play good in sports but bad in computers
wow that guy look fine.i consider him as a critical intention.
by Angel February 15, 2005
The Queen of Evil, found mainly in Neverwinter Nights.
Raradra killed them all with a wave of her hand.
by Angel December 26, 2004
Chicago's way of saying i need to Get lay...
I KrukenZit now !
by Angel December 11, 2003
a nasty pussyed bitchwho gives a nigga an infection
That nigga got burnt by that bitch about a month ago.
by angel November 29, 2003
lighting a toyota car that is faster than a trueno.
My levin will kick the ass off your honduh!
by Angel August 05, 2003
Obviously, "bemdarg" is a secret code that has possessed an innocent, young Eric P. to spread around until the entire interweb knows of this horrid word. It sounds innocent enough, correct? Don't believe it. That's one of it's many tricks; decievement.

Our top scientists have already figured out who is behind this "bemdarg" madness. Fred Durst and Marshall Mathers. Who else would creep to such a low, despising level but them?

So what does it stand for? Prepare yourself...


That's the most of it. Researchers are still trying to decode the "R" and "G," but they've come to only a few conlcusions.





Most agree that the last, "Raging Goal," is most likely to be the end of the code. Their goal, however, is known: to terrorize and aak farm all.
Innocent Bystander1: Aak!
Innocent Bystander2: AAK!

Eric: *sobs* Bemdarg...
Innocent Bystander3: Aww...*offers hug to Eric*
Eric: *while receiving hug* BEMDARG!
Innocent Bystander3: AAK!
by Angel June 18, 2003

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