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Someone who only acts as your friend when they require a service from you.
“Gee Kevin, I could really use a ride to Futureshop today” – Politis
by Kevin December 03, 2004
A person who is only your friend when he needs or wants something from you. After he gets what he wants, he ignores you until he wants something else.
Sao is such a fake friend. He only hangs out with me when he wants a favor from me.
by Angel June 21, 2003
A person; male or female that makes you think that you two have common interests and enjoy hanging out with each other only to find out that they talk bad about you behind your back and secretly hate you because they are either jealous or mental.
"WTF?? Mandy was my best friend, I thought. Now she's spreading false and vicious rumors about me to everyone behind my back. I guess, she was always a fake friend and never cared in the first place. She was only out to hurt me from the start."
by CowgirlPrincess November 26, 2008
someone who talks to you and acts like they're ok with you, yet you notice them lying about you and to you. someone who lowers your self- esteam on purpose. a person who ignores your thoughts and pretends to be cool with you when they need you. this person will talk behind your back, use you, and destroy your social life, they will make you feel depressed, call you a pussy, take advantage of you because they're bigger than you.
You never want a fake friend. i just let go of around 3 of them, assholes can burn in hell for all i care. they're gonna get what they deserve in the future.
by BobTheTHird November 25, 2009
A person who talks about you behind your back, and tries to be your friend upfront. A person who is incredibly fake,especially when it comes to being a friend and being there for you.
She is such a fake friend. Always runnin her trap behind my back, then tryin to be all buddy-buddy to my face.
by ♥BRiiZiiE○BAii♥ June 01, 2009
Someone who acts funny around you like they hiding something, someone that talks behind your back, someone that isnt truthful to you, who doesnt care about your feelings, someone who would betray you without you knowing and act like they did nuthing wrong.
That girl a fake friend she went with her best friend boyfriend jus 3 days after they broke and she didn't even tell her.

That boy a fake friend , he was acting weird toward his best friend because he didnt want him to know he was going out with his girlfriend.
by shaquanta June 22, 2010
Some one who

-viciously spreads rumors behind your back but pretends to want to be your friend.

-tells you to be yourself but gets mad when you tell them the truth.

-only talks about themselves and their own petty self inflicted dramas.

-constantly verbally beats you down while pretending that by pointing out your flaws they are doing you a favor.

-calls their friend a coward for confronting or standing up for themselves.

-only needs a shoulder to cry on and doesn't care about you.

-might even be insane.
Sarah always tried to be nice to me, then I crossed the line and she called me out on it. At first I was really angry but then I realized I had been a real fake friend to her this year.
by Helpful_Hannah April 19, 2010
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