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Down..Ready..Bout it
Are you "Fa sho wit it"
by angel March 21, 2005
People who try to pick a fight or intimidate people, like people with balls would do in real life, except that those lamers are hiding behind their monitor, knowing that they can live out their fantasy of being a tyrant through the absolute safety and anonymity the internet offers them.
This guy in chat was trying to tell me that he was going to whip my ass - damned net-Nazi.
by Angel March 18, 2004
dirty balls, men testicles that are kind of funky due to not washing.
Give you some what? I will not go down there with your musties.
by Angel December 30, 2002
Used by eris in Greek Mythology to wreak havoc on people. The golden apple of discord was stolen from a tree belonging to Hera (Zeus's wife and goddess of marriage).
(This was linked by someone and I thought I'd provide and explanation).
This is the Golden Apple of Dischord
by Angel February 24, 2005
i just got new tires for my car
by angel September 25, 2003
Gu-burr Goober: 1. a nice way of calling someone an idiot after they've done something idiotic. 2. A nice way of telling someone they are wrong about something.

Guuub Goob. 1. A shortened form of the word above.
OMG you are a such a goober, the sky is orange!!!!!
by Angel July 03, 2003
(Dat Deal) Everything thats good...the shit. can't get no better
Baby, in case you haven't noticed...I'm dat deal
by angel March 21, 2005
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