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ownist (n) a person who believes that s/he alone decides his/her circumstances and fate, and that if there is any entity that deserves complete trust, it is that voice which dwells within; an all-knowing and entirely dependable strength.
Jane/John never turns to God or other external sources for guidance. S/he relies on her/his own voice, is a true ownist.
by Andybrew April 11, 2010
The dizzy feeling that one gets when holding one's mobile phone, mp3 player, ds etc. over the toilet bowl, a stretch of water or a height, and wondering what would happen if one just dropped it.
He'd just flushed, when suddenly he was overcome by a rush of technigo. (Because who doesn't have at least one of their devices in the toilet with them these days??)
by AndyBrew September 13, 2013
Rightdoing (n) an ethos as much as a way of life, rightdoing extends to one's political, social and familial spheres.

Rightdoing is not rising above others at their expense, it is an honest day's work, and a clear conscience at dinner time.
Rightdoing is a civic and social responsibility. It is using one's resources to help others, giving others a hand-up if they need it.
Rightdoing is raising one's children in an environment of optimism, affirmation and validation. People in greater society are treated in a similar way.
Rightdoing is working to feed one's family, and being moderate in one's addictions.
Rightdoing is living according to the philosophy of the nowist and Nowism: using the most positive from the present and thereby improving the possible future for ourselves and the lives around us.
Rightdoing is not bursting people's bubbles, splitting hairs and generally arguing just for the sake of it. Rightdoing leaves people to their various illusions, where they are happier.
Rightdoing is being tactful, is about respect for one's parents, and keeping family life harmonious.

Rightdoing is pure good. There can be no negativity or selfishness involved.
Otherwise, one is involved in wrongdoing.
Drew is such a joy to be around! His whole attitude towards his fellow human beings and his life is one of rightdoing (n).
by Andybrew April 14, 2010
A shower, often located in space-saving Asia, which sits right above the toilet, meaning that you have to compete for floor space with the bowl when having a shower!
My first apartment had a toiwer! I kept dropping the soap down the bowl!
by Andybrew April 14, 2010
The act of surfing the Internet until well past your usual bedtime, because your wife is out of town.
My wife is out of town on a business trip. That's a week of nowifesurfing for me:-)
by Andybrew April 14, 2010

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