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/vik-ter-ee st-oo/ noun
A vile prank, originally made famous by American college fraternities, where a large, organized group of people defecate into the same toilet in serial fashion without flushing or including paper waste. The end result is a toilet filled with feces of varying color, size, texture, and firmness that ultimate defeats the toilet's flushing mechanism and will require manual cleaning by the owner of the toilet. The act of creating a victory stew is referred to as "brewing a victory stew".
Last weekend, we brewed a victory stew over at Tim's house.
by Andy Mui March 10, 2011
/tank-pla-ting/ noun

A vile prank, originally made famous by the French, where person secretly defecates into the reservoir of a toilet. Generally, much care must be taken to stealthily manipulate the reservoir cover in order to avoid alerting the owner of the toilet or any nearby potential witnesses. Once the tankplating process has been completed, the feces usually disintegrates completely within 48 hours leaving a foul, semi-permanent odor emanating from the reservoir.
We took a video of Timmy tankplating the women's bathroom at the local gas station. I can't wait to get this up on Youtube...
by Andy Mui November 01, 2011
The most common response from women when a man asks for anal sex.
Man: Would you like to try something?
Woman: Sure. Sounds exciting.
Man: Can we try anal? I'll be gentle...
Woman: Nope.
by Andy Mui November 06, 2011

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