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A dangerous game of chance in which a student chooses not to do any of his homework, counting on the next day of school being a snow day.

The term comes from Russian Roulette.
"Dude you got the math homework?"

"Dude...it's snowing out...I'm playin snow day roulette, baby."
by Andy Hall February 28, 2005
The process of improperly applying cream cheese to a bagel. When zlotoffing, instead of applying cream cheese to the entire bagel initially, and then consuming, one adds the cream cheese one bite at a time. As any biz-school student can tell you, this process is vastly more inefficient than the normal way of applying cream cheese. Due to this inefficiency, the intelligence of zlotoffers everywhere is called into serious question.
I don't have time to zlotoff my bagel! I have to get to class! And besides, what kind of idiot would zlotoff a bagel anyways? Everyone knows there are no benefits! And not only is zlotoffing bagels slower, there is also an extreme social stigma attached to it, so if I were to zlotoff my bagel, I would run the risk of being ostracized by my peers.
#bagel #ben #zlotoff #food #heath #eva #zlotof
by Andy Hall July 27, 2006
A dangerous social syndrome in which young, unsuspecting girls continue to find themselves attracted to an older, shifty boy, despite his obvious intentions to use them physically. The syndrome seems to be so far developed as to involve actual feelings of respect and admiration on the part of the young female victim.
"I don't understand how the freshmen girls always fall for senior guys, it's not fair!"

"It's The Perkins Effect."
by Andy Hall February 28, 2005
Jack Daniels. The name comes straight from the label.
"And I can't wait to see you and see how your week has gone,
and tear into Old No.7 and make love till dawn."
-"Love Like This" Drive-by Truckers
by Andy Hall March 27, 2005
Anything bad in any way.

The word evolved from the word "gank" via the "izn" language (popularly used by rap artists). Why the definition of the word "giznank" became so detached from the meaning of the slang word gank is unknown...
Man, that Nickelback concert was so giznank!
by Andy Hall June 15, 2004
The act of subjugating a pathetic boyfriend.
Man, Duffy's out with Kronman again. He has been so zarcoed.
by Andy Hall February 21, 2005
an onomatopoeia; the female equivalent of fapping.
"Where's Sarah?"

"She's in the bathroom smoishing to Brad Pitt"
by Andy Hall February 21, 2005
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