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The art of being incredibly sexy in a very unusual way.
Hey did you see patrick, he is damn straight bergelicious!!!
by Andy Blacke April 29, 2008
The art of humping a chicks boob crack while doing a handstand.
Hey i totally gave a dirty harvey to that ho last night.
by Andy Blacke April 24, 2008
The high rate of speed in which all of your surroundings seem to remain still.
He came at me with bergen speed, there was nothing i could do!
by Andy Blacke April 30, 2008
getting a homoerotic hug from a fake frenchman
That guy just totally hoyered me.
by Andy Blacke April 29, 2008
The act of getting dimed out by a co-worker or someone you thought was cool.
Hey it wasnt me that tossed your rack, It was Jacobsen! Ha I just olsoned jacobsen.
by Andy Blacke April 24, 2008
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