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Cass Tech is a high school in Detroit that houses 2000 students that had to test to get in.Cass tech is known for its alumni,cultural minority diversity ,good test scores and world class nerds and jocks.To maintain enrollment in cass you must keep an overall of 2.5. Which is very easy to do.Teachers are very strict and will not hesitate to give you a D of F.expecially the honors/ap teachers.Cass Tech is known for the best band in the land.CTMB (cass tech marching band).The amount of personallity that one experiences at cass is parllel to the various sizes of shits that one takes in a life time.There are various opportunities to be used at cass. Like the over 30 sports teams and 35 + clubs and organizations.
I choose to go to Cass Tech instead of King High School because of the academic challenges.
by AndrinoGiardino June 29, 2009
The verbal extention of the word ass.This is used to describe something that is just so shitty and frustrating.
by AndrinoGiardino June 29, 2009
The most ugliest useless pokemon. Its like taking out my ass and putting it in a pokeball.Catching this piece of shit will make you want to discard your game cartrige in your rectum.
When I was cleaning my pokemon boxes. Dunsparce was the first pokemon I released because it just sucks ayess.
by AndrinoGiardino June 29, 2009

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