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3 definitions by AndrewNG

When a male jerks off while laying on his back only to catch his own load in his mouth. This should only be done for at least $20,000.00 and under the supervision of Professionals.
Dude, last night David was so high I got him to do the St. Louis Arch for a dime bag. I got it recorded on my cell. Shit is going on youtube.
by AndrewNG August 18, 2008
When a three way goes terribly wrong.
DUDE, Nate and Allen were banging this bitch and their dicks touched, Talk about a Train Wreck
by AndrewNG August 18, 2008
when a person begins to make there way down a mans body -towards the peins- as if to give oral sex and does nothing more than look around.
That girl kiss down my chest like she was gonna do the dam thing but it was just a head fake.
by AndrewNG August 31, 2006