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The most gangsta county in New Jersey. If all of New Jersey's counties got into a fight, Bergen County would come out on top and own all. Where all the bitches got class, and no fat chicks. You come mess wit us, we gonna run yo ass over with a minivan and then buy you some ice cream at Dairy Queen just cause we roll like dat.
I was driving through Bergen County and i saw a black person, HOLY SHIT!
by Andrew and Evan April 27, 2006
Known to the locals as "The Ridge." The best Diner on the face of the earth. This diner is located in Park Ridge, New Jersey in Bergen County. This diner features such menu items as "The Combo Wrap", "The Thanksgiving Day Wrap", "Combo Wrap on a Hard Roll", good coffe, huge chocolate chip cookies, and "The Combo Platter." This diner is known for high school kids to hang out outside until 3AM. ALso, after kids get drunk/high they flock to The Ridge.
I just had a sweet night in Bergen County and my friends and I are drunk. Hey lets go to the Ridge Diner!
by Andrew and Evan April 27, 2006

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