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a living being with a very sharp penis who engages in anal intercourse with women and often causes fatal tearing of the mucas membrane.
that horse was a total killer poo pirate
by Andrew Mac-daddy May 06, 2009
1) Jizz that has changed colors by being exposed to mold

2) Jizz that is moldy because the man who came hasnt had sex in over twenty years
i bet that loser has moldy jizz
by Andrew Mac-Daddy May 25, 2009
a thong
i be stickin munies in dat beotches dollar pouch
by Andrew Mac-Daddy August 06, 2009
during sexual intercourse, the male penis suddenly goes flat at an alarming rate before reaching the climax of intercourse, thus making the female unsatisfied, usually but not limited to a "what the fuck was that, you erectly dysfunctional quylthulg(pulsation flesh mound)???"
man1: dude, i heard man3 had snowman sex!
man2: no friggin way! he always talks a big game!
man3:dude, im right here.
by Andrew Mac-Daddy July 27, 2009

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