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A man's ability to remember any bare breast that he has ever seen, with a high level of detail, even many years after the last sighting of the remembered breast.
At the age of 52, Bill was thankful that his mammary memory allowed him to continue enjoying the sight of his college girlfriend's bare breasts, even though they had broken up before graduating from college.
by Andrew J. Cook October 24, 2009
A vague quantity of attractive female breasts
Chuck and I were at the football game, and he was right when he pointed out that there was a lot of mammarage in our section of the stadium
by Andrew J. Cook September 18, 2010
Dark, wrap-around sun glasses useful for allowing a man (or appreciative woman) to ogle hot chicks in the vicinity, without having to overtly turn one's face in the direction of the hot chick.
Thank goodness I remembered my Ogleys. There are a lot of hot chicks around here, and I don't want to get caught ogling.
by Andrew J. Cook September 18, 2010
A man's (or appreciative woman's) hand, with a tendency to want to reach out fondle an attractive female breast
Oh, man, I sure I wish I knew her. She's hot and my mammary mitt is itching to cop a feel.
by Andrew J. Cook September 18, 2010

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