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A mosher -by definition- is a person (particularly youths) that "mosh" and weares make, uniformed clothing.

But in a deeper sense, a mosher is a person that is not afraid to resist conformity and express themselves.

To many, a mosher is not a person that weares Dickies and Vans, a mosher is a person that will resist the norm.

By this definition, a mosher could be a person that weares "townie" clothing, but because i am prejudice, not many townies are intelligent enough to express themselves. Anyway, even if they were they wouldn't have much to express!
Mosher example? Me -quite ovbiously
by Andrew Cook 2 May 25, 2005
A formal dress item, but also a northern insult of absolutely no meaning
"Your a f**kin waistcoat mate!"

See Devvo -www.fat-pie.com
by Andrew Cook 2 May 25, 2005
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