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The phrase "What the fuck are you doing" aka "What on fucking earth are you doing" is commonly used by the teenage population. You would use one or BOTH of these phrases if you see someone.. say.... washing their car in 20 degree weather. In this case you would have to make some modifications such as....
What the fuck are you doing!? Do you fucking love hypothermia?
by Andreuhh January 06, 2007
A batholic is not what you might think it is considering the root of the word is bath.. these people ARE clean though. A Batholic is some one who can not decide between the Catholic and the Baptist faith.. but yet is more Catholic than they are baptist because they came from that background. They were raised one way and then taught the way of others and have yet to find their own beliefs.
I am a Batholic because I don't believe in the type of baptism that is applied in the Baptist faith.
by Andreuhh January 06, 2007
New Net slang for people who do not enjoy cursing. Meaning Laughing My Face/Foot (whichever you like) Off. I suggest Face.
Lmfo.. Layluhh that is SO funny.
by Andreuhh January 06, 2007
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