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1) Christmas time comes around. You are an Atheist. You wake up on December 25 to presents for you under the tree, and realise what Christmas is all about; The birth of Jesus. You feel guilty that you still get presents on Christmas, though you don't believe in it.

2) Last year, when you were 8 years old, you parents broke it down to you: There is no Santa Clause. It's Chrismas morning today, and you've got lots of presents under the tree! You remember the Christmas custom of Santa Clause and feel guilty that you don't believe in the customs, but you are still getting gifts.

Even worse when you're both of 'em.
1) I just decided to become an atheist. It's Christmas morning and I get out of bed to open my presents. I recall the meaning of Christmas and Christmas Guilt sinks into my stomach, and I get a :( face.

2) 12 Years old, I hop out of bed and skip on off to the tree like a faggot. I remember the Christmas custom of Santa Clause, and Christmas Guilt gets me down.
by Anal Penetration By Force July 24, 2011
An animaton including 2 or more stick figures who fight to the death.
Nigger: Hey, did you see that new stick fight on Flipnote Hatena?

Fag: Oh, the one by BosS? Ice Vs. Fire? Yeah, that was tight!

Kike: Are stick fights hard to make?

Nigger: Yeah, I tried. It's IMPOSSIBLE!
by Anal Penetration By Force July 22, 2011
the man who is always on top

mostly used when you do doggy style
nigger: I just fucked my gf last night

nigger: I did too i was the dominate male haha
by Anal Penetration By Force July 27, 2011
some mistake baby shot out of this ho's cunt and started doing card tricks. everyone thought it was awesome and spread a rumor saying he was magical. then a couple dudes got jealous of him and beat him half to death with baseball bats. that gave jesus some brain damage and he started thinking he was the son of god. he started gloating about it so everyone started thinking he was a dick, so they all gathered to torture him. jesus was too crazy to give shit, plus he had 4 strokes and 3/4ths of his body was numb. they thought it would be funny if they made him rot on a cross for awhile so they pounded nails into his limbs. he died slowly. 3 days later a buncha fags went in a cave and saw a dead guy and thought it was jesus so they spread a rumour, and the cult of christianty began!
Jesus: i can du magic trix
dude: nuuh
jesus: yeah huh
dude: well i can beat you half to death *beats*
jesus: lol ima the son of god u no kill me
dude: dude stfu
jesus: no, im da son of god
dude: man, ima fukin kill you *kills*
jesus: brb
dude: lol nuuh
by Anal Penetration By Force August 06, 2011

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