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5 definitions by Anal

After having anal sex, the fuckin mess of lube and crap that's left over
dude i just got some sanitorium all ova ma bed sheets
by Anal July 15, 2003
Winterman, Andrew: Man who has the largest nipples known to man. They are bigger than Kevin's, steamier than Pratt's during a snow storm, and hairier than Julian's.
Barry White's voice is as deep as Winterman's nipples are ginormous.
by Anal March 04, 2004
A adjective for people who has no respect for CD Rom drive
Stop being Henkka!
by anal February 12, 2003
Anal Retard
1) Anal - Exit Hole For Excrement
2) Retard - (see wanker)
She was your mom? Oh Fuckeroonie
by anal March 09, 2003