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A satirical parody wiki founded in 2005 by Stillwaters and Chronarion and currently hosted by Wikia. It is on the whole tamer and less offensive than the Encyclopedia Dramatica.
Uncyclopedia is one of the funniest websites around.
by Anonymous15 December 01, 2007
A selective free wiki hosting service (or wiki farm) originally known as WikiCities and founded in late 2004 by Jimbo Wales and Angela Beesley. Large wikis it hosts include Wookieepedia (a Star Wars encyclopedia), World of Warcraft Wiki, Marvel Database Project, Memory Alpha (a Star Trek wiki), an Everquest II wiki, and Uncyclopedia, a satirical parody wiki.
I am an admin of a wiki on Wikia.
by Anonymous15 December 01, 2007
The act of hiding your last units in an RTS game after being practically defeated, in an attempt to frustrate your opponent, possibly into resigning.
It took me half an hour to finally beat him, due to his persistant roaching.
by Anonymous15 July 14, 2008
A group consisting of people too weird even for the furry fandom... if that's physically possible.
Man, I hope I don't meet any of those otherkin at Anthrocon.
by Anonymous15 December 01, 2007
The super epic thing that has not just a vagina but boobs, ass, legs, hair, and soft skin. WHAT ALL'S I GOT IS A DICK.....NOT FAIR.....

P.S. I am a guy

I LOVE DAH LADIES...so shut up you masturbating skanks or else you are gonna be stuck masturbating for the rest of your life!!!
Women rule the earth and should enslave the men...DONE!!!...
by AnOnYmOuS15 May 01, 2012

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