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Used as a fake name in any given situations, usually on the internet or a prank, Hugh Jass is meant to sound like "Huge Ass" during when said during everyday speech.
Hugh (Joe): Hello, my name is Hugh Jass.
Frank: Huge what??
by AnOffshorePrawn December 05, 2007
Also known as negro, this term is a comical way of addressing an African(-American) usually used by the way of writing a letter or on the internet, as common speech would be interpreted as negro.
What the hell? We have a kneegrow on our team. Shit, we lost.
by AnOffshorePrawn December 05, 2007
A delicious snack in which a jar of marshmallow spread (usually bought from the local safeway) and peanut butter are smeared graciously between either 1)Two waffles or 2) Two pieces of bread.
John: Hey dude what do you have to eat around here?
Frank: Dude I'll make some Nutter Flutters
John: Fuck yeah man, I love those things!
by AnOffshorePrawn December 06, 2007
1. Noun: A gigantic book used by evil schools that force innocent high school kids to the death by the 2,930 pages of extremely small print, extremely long paragraphs, and extremely boring entries from authors ranging from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Anne Sexton (who ever the hell they are). Can also be called satan or the devil.
Phil: Shit dude, I have to read Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Alex: What the hell is that?
Phil: Some bullshit Romantic story in the Norton Anthology of American Literature.
Alex: Whats that?
Phil: Oh, its just Satan's brother.
by AnOffshorePrawn December 10, 2007
A drinking game usually played on a ping pong table (hence the name) in which two teams face off against each other in a race to sink their ping pong balls in the opponents cups. The set up consists of two teams on either side of the table, 6, 10, or any specific amount of (preferably) red party cups filled slightly with beer, and ping pong balls.

The goal is to toss your teams balls into the opponents cups in a series of turns. When a ball is sunk, the cup is drank, then removed. "Re-racks" can be used twice to a players liking, with each specific name, like "diamond" or "black man's penis."
Alex: Yo, are we going to play beer pong tonight?
Steve: Hell yeah man I'm down.
by AnOffshorePrawn December 05, 2007

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