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Dan Konopka is the drummer for the wonderful, amazing band OK Go. Some people would lead you to think he isn't important -- that he doesn't matter. Why, do you suppose?


He is good-looking, suave, but dreadfully overlooked for the more mainstream looks of Damian Kulash, Jr. and Andy Ross or the oddities of Tim Nordwind. Yet, beneath the spicy, creative shows of them, underneath lies the sweet, delightfully awkward persona of Dan.
Hormone-infused girl: Mmm...Damian...you are too DELICIOUS! Oh, oh, here look, it's a picture of him, and he's almost NAKED.

Smart girl: Psh. Sure, he looks good, but I like Dan better....

Hormone-infused girl: ...who?

Smart girl: facepalm

Also --

atianafiorella: and Dan Konopka. no one really cares about Dan.

Me: ...how...how dare you?!
by AnIowan February 16, 2011
Clear Lake, Iowa, is a city in north-central Iowa. The lake for which it is named isn't clear; it's green. The city features a quality education system, but many people here can end up to be slightly biased when it comes to matters like gay marriage, abortion, homosexual pastors in church, and other major issues. It is a primarily Republican town. The population can sometimes double in the summer tourist season. This town was home to the last concert of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper, who crashed a few miles north of town in an airplane early in the morning of February 3rd, 1959. The school mascot is a lion.
Edward: Clear Lake, Iowa sucks; it's full of snobs and bitches.

Joe: Shut up, we're WAY better than Mason City, Iowa or Ventura, Iowa. Mason's full of druggies and Ventura is Clear Lake's reject school for the people who didn't have the balls to stand it here!

Edward: ...I heard they have a good band program....

Joe: Ours is better! And we completely own them in football!

Edward: ...shut up.
by AnIowan January 08, 2011

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