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The easternmost United States. Known as "Vacationland", it is no doubt a magnet for summer tourists who flock to rocky coastlines dotted with lighthouses and pine trees, as well as numerous forests inland including the Appalachian Trail's Hundred-Mile Wilderness and its terminus at Mount Katahdin. The state is so distinctively east that it is the only state to border just one other state (New Hampshire), and borders the fewest states of any in the lower 48.
People travel to Maine to vacation along the breathtaking coast and to hike
by An Excommunicated Elf April 23, 2009
When you think you got something good only to find out that you got duped. Coined from Call of Duty: World at War's Zombie Map Verruckt, where a mystery weapon box the player can spend their own points to open for a random weapon could spawn a teddy bear instead that will not only give the player no weapon but removes the box, making the entire team search the whole map to find out where it was moved to.
I got really excited about free ice cream but got the Teddy Bear upon realizing there was a line 300 people deep that didn't appear to be moving at all.
by An Excommunicated Elf April 10, 2009
A British term for a total dumbass.
If you drink and drive you are a bloody idiot.
by An Excommunicated Elf July 02, 2009
An Xbox 360 game that although caters to people of all ages, it is a game of dramatically lighter atmosphere than popular shooters like Halo 3, Call of Duty: World at War, and others. This makes it a prime subject of what a worthless noob you have on your team in one of those games should be playing instead.
Hey Irish Joker, why don't you go play Viva Pinata! 4 and 20, and using god damn Martyrdom! (True story; friend of mine who played with someone on his team who had 4 kills and 20 deaths in Hardcore Team Deathmatch (where friendly fire is on and the Martyrdom perk in case you don't know drops a live grenade when you are killed)).
by An Excommunicated Elf April 26, 2009
(acronym) When your wireless connection craps out on you in the form of your computer saying the connection has "Limited or no Connectivity" (thus leading to the acronym). Occurs when your computer recognizes the network but is unable to confirm an address.
I was on wireless at my school when all of a sudden the webpage didn't load and then I saw the yellow bubble going back and forth on the wireless connection icon in the system tray. And sure enough, a yellow exclamation point appeared and my connection had LONC'd.
by An Excommunicated Elf April 05, 2009

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