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'Popular' is characteristic of someone who is really nice to everyone, even if they are mean to them. Popular means to have many friends, and be liked by basically everyone, except those jealous. A 'popular' person lends text books, hangs out with 'nerds' if they want to, doesnt care what other people think of them, dresses how they feel like,(usually nice because they care whether their clothes are covered in grease stains or not), and regrets ever being stuck up, a snob, a bich to someone or being mean. Someone becomes 'popular' by being kind to everyone, 'cause no one likes being bitched at. People always think that they have to be gorgeous, dress preppy and be a bitch to be popular. When really, if you dont think your that great looking, you dont dress preppy, but your kind to everyone and have a great personality, i'd have to call you more popular than a cheerleader or jock. Also, if you think that a gorgeous cheerleader is popular, but shes a bitch to you, chances is, she's not popular, people are just too afriad to stand up to her.
'person 1': im so glad amy lent me her biology text book yesterday, i lost mine! It was really nice of her.
'person 2': 'i think that im going to amy's tonight, she's so fun to hang out with and not stuck up.'
'person 3': 'amy's so good at baseball, and she makes so many friends there'
'person 4': 'everyone's being a bitch today, lets go hang out with amy, she's never a bitch'
'person 5': 'haha, amy's shirt today is so rad, i love how she doesnt care what other people think of her.'
'person 6': 'lets all go to amy's tonight, i dont feel like going to jessica's party, shes always really mean.'
'person 7': 'amy's so kind to everyone, no wonder she's so popular'
by amyy June 01, 2006
A beautiful, caring, funny and all-round amazing person. She's bubbly, cute and a great friend!
Boy 1- Who's that?
Boy 2- That's Hendrica.
Boy 1- I knew it, she's so beautiful
Boy 2- That's Hendrica for you
by Amyy March 12, 2012
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