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correctly spelled: psyched

scottie: im so syked on hott betches right now
by Amy Abbott February 09, 2008
in the event of texting someone a question or random information they fail or choose not to reply.

it is similar to the act of snubbing someone when you see them (they say hello and the other person ignores them) the text snub is just as rude.

(aka: text snubbery, txtsnub)
alissa: so i texted him today
ashley: oh yeah?
alissa: but just him i got snubbed
ashley: he text snubbed you?
alissa: yeah, that betch
ashley: ugh, i hate when people don't reply
alissa: i know...
by Amy Abbott February 28, 2008
another word for crushing
girl 1: ooh, look its scottie
girl 2: somebody's crushn
girl 1: mfin yeah! its abortion time!
by Amy Abbott March 11, 2008
an online date

via myspace, facebook or messenger
boy: ayyye lil mamma lets interdate tonight
by Amy Abbott February 18, 2008
term of affection or pet name for your boyfriend
ashley: who's this boy with you?
alissa: awh, he's my boyfly
ashley: yay who doesnt love boyfrannns
by Amy Abbott January 16, 2008
dinolegs aka DLs

is massive legs that shake the earth when the girl is walking
she 1: "check out those DLs..."'
she 2: "DLs?"
she 1: "mfin dino legs"
she 2: "ick..."
she 1: "for sho"
by Amy Abbott February 09, 2008
1. being sexual
2. being overly sexual and humping like rabbits with speed of a robot
3. random sexual term used without any real meaning
kersten: "butterface is so cute"
alissa: "zomg, kersten you are such a sexbot"
by Amy Abbott November 23, 2007

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