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When you pour maple syrup into her pussy and then get it on. May be followed by eating the Lumberjack goodness.
Ted: Dang, Precious drank a huge chug!

Carol: Well, come on, tap her and watch the sap flow...

Ted: Oh Carol, darling, I love when you want a Vermont Maple Tapper.

by AmusesHerself April 13, 2009
A short but very fat dick.
Betty: Well, girrrl, he may not have touched bottom, but he beat the hell outta the sides.

Lois: Oh yeah, I've had side scrapers like that.
by AmusesHerself April 13, 2009
A more socially acceptable pet name for a woman's punani/cooter/snatch, usually as though referring to a voraciously hungry or angry beast
-- Don't worry, Precious, Daddy's going to feed you right now. Aren't you, Daddy?

-- Oh giiiirl! I ain't NEVER getting a Brazilian again! Precious is STILL screaming!!! (but she IS smooth!)
by AmusesHerself March 27, 2009
The white, cheezy whizzy substance that surrounds a bus station skank's clit when she fails to wash her Precious with hot water and soap each morning.

alt.: smegma
Ted: Dayum, I shouldn't have prepaid that jungle twat, Sylvia.

Gene: You sick fuck! You'd pay for sex with Sylvia?

Ted: Yeah, man, and she was packin' a lunch box full of baby toe cheese.

Gene: Oh, yo.
by AmusesHerself April 14, 2009

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