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To become very upset, worried, flip out or freak out.
My mom tweaked out when she heard about me and Kaleb.
by Ami December 18, 2002
A thing or an event that causes a feeling of overwhelming emotion that evokes the reaction "Awww!" Can be happy or sad.
Cute animals, the wedding kiss, someone's reaction to finding out their loved one is dead
by Ami April 17, 2004
this is a slang term for a toilet, toilette, urinal, pot-you-pee-in etc etc.....
1)sorry love can i use your piss pot??
2)ah i need to use a piss pot where is the nearest one??
by ami March 26, 2005
When a person is found to act big headed around other people and act cool and tough when actually there is nothing to the person, and they are highly influenced through other people around them, this often cauzes a rowlzi person or attitude due to the descision they make on the popularity of the persons cool or popular descisions. Oftehn the inteligence of a person who is rowlzi is quiet low or preceved to be.
That guy is acting all rowlzi today...
by AMI April 11, 2004
a laugh that is so chuckle-worthy, you hold your belly, as it wobbles.
hahaha... that was belly-holdig.
by Ami March 13, 2005
A highly amusing mop-mann, consisting of a mopp and a polystyrene head. He may be wearing a hat, or a belt. Originates behind the scenes of Bugsy Malone. Incredibly belly holding and rib tickling. A legend.
Mopfreys waiting in the wings.
by Ami March 13, 2005
See Rowlzi
See Rowlzi for Rolzi Defention
by AMI April 12, 2004

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