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Temporary anxiety caused by the need or want to show off a certain skill in front of a person or group. The skill can usually be attained unless others are watching, causing the stress.
Person A: "Why were you so sloppy at work tonight? You've been washing dishes for 3 years!"
Person B: "Dude, I felt the stress to impress because of that new, hott salad bar girl working here."
by Americanhockey1 November 22, 2009
1. To flush the toilet prematurely, or before one is finished "going" to the bathroom-- Usually used to mask sounds or when in a hurry.

2. Having to flush the toilet before one even begins to use the bathroom, due to prior droppings or toilet paper left behind by the previous user.
1. "Dude, I had diarrhea this morning and had to Pre-Flush so my sister's friends couldn't hear. I like my sister's friends."

2. "Ok, who didn't flush the toilet? I had to Pre-Flush a giant floater before i went, c'mon!"
by Americanhockey1 February 03, 2011
The occurrence of downing an entire glass of water (or Gatorade), when one's initial intention was to just consume a sip (1-2 oz.). This is common the morning after a night out drinking, or when one is dehydrated.
Myles: "Dude, that party last night was awfully crazy!"

Sam: "I know, I had such rage thirst when i woke up... It was awesome!"
by Americanhockey1 February 19, 2011
The left over debris on your shirt or jacket after making or working with boxes, usually at work. They tend to be quite difficult to get off.
Person A: "Hey man, do you like my new shirt??"
Person B: Yeah, it's sweet... mine just has box crums on it..."
by Americanhockey1 January 26, 2010

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