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A great actress that is young but is an excellent actress. She is only 11 and soon to be 12 on February 23. She was in movies such as: "War of the World", "Hide and Seek", and "Man on Fire". All great movies.
Guy 1: Wow have you seen that new movie with Dakota Fanning?
Guy 2: Witch one she's in so many?
Guy 1: The newest one "Kingdom of Hearts II"
Guy 2: Not yet I'll have to go see it.
by American_Redneck January 06, 2006
Ghetto is just about 60-70% of American's homes and cars. It's either the door must be opened a certain way or the muffler fell off when you put a low profile set of rims on your Geo Metro. Your house could be smaller than your garage or be in a bad part of town.

Mainly if any of these 5 things apply to you.
1. You rims and or sound system are worth more than your car.
2. You live in the projects.
3. You hear a drive by more than you hear yourself think.
4. If cops have ever raided your house just to double-check.
5. If you owned a gun before you got into middle school.
1: Dude the cops just raided my houes.
2: What, WTF for?
1: They wanted to make sure I had all my weed smoked.
2: Oh yea I hate that shit
1: We need to get out of this ghetto
by American_Redneck January 05, 2006

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