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Either meaning horribly disgusting or outrageously scrumptious. There is no in between. This can be also used as the word a woman would scream in labor or conceiving the baby version of saw. Instead of having a plain word like good or bad use this and become a new beginner in the future of the dictionary. do it. ya her!
John: Oh fuck she is nasty
Sara: Creek water

Amber: What if i fuck Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt at the same time?!

Christian Bale: The baby is gon be some creek water!
by AmberSoovani:) August 06, 2010
Someone says this when they know they are about to get naked and party hard. They Never know what is going to happen in the end. And it Doesn't even matter.
Shilah: Time for chloes
Sara: Time to get fucked.

Pocahontas: What if i got on the ship?
Bed intruder: You know it is your time to get fucked.
by AmberSoovani:) August 16, 2010
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