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A social watering hole for the upwardly mobile
"You goin into uni today"
"Yeah man! major keg at Manning Bar"
"You goin to any lectures today"
"Nah man! major keg at Manning Bar"
"R u gonna get drunk off your face even before an 8am lecture"
"Wharrrt??? what lecture??? YOU gota lecture? thats cool.wish i had one..."
"Do you even go to this university??"
"Nah man! major keg at Manning Bar!!!"
by Amazonz April 21, 2005
a self absorbed metrosexual who, while growing comfortable with the pole in his ass, has decided to make his life's work a plug for 'Queer Eye'.
O my god! That guy is such a Nahid
by Amazonz April 13, 2005

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