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a newly approved medal given by the German army to US army aviators (often Dustoff warrant officers) who perform outstanding feats of bravery and heroism while flying under a hail of bullets to rescue wounded Bundeswehr soldiers. Warrant officers awarded this will automatically get promoted to the rank of Captain. Awardees will wear the medal around the neck while flying.
He deserves an Iron La-Cross!

Da ist die Iron La-Cross! Unglaublich!
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by Amazed Witness April 13, 2010
Distinguished Finding Cross. An impact award given to military personnel for conspicuous gallantry and bravery under fire (more often under indirect fire) while performing sensitive items inventory (SII). All military personnel are eligible for this award only if they perform one of the following actions while under indirect fire:

1. Forsaking the safety of a bunker to finish recovering serial numbers for the SII.

2. Refusing to abandon the computer to finish the email related to the SII.

3. Ignoring crew rest management (aviation) and essential base defense operations (i.e. bunker building) to search and find a phantom sensitive item lost by some other unit entity.

All indirect fire attacks related to this award will be defined as rocket, mortar, grenade, and missile attacks that impact within a 150 meter radius from the individual.
A DFC is a valorous award.

A DFC is almost as good as an Iron La-Cross.
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by Amazed Witness April 21, 2010
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