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Someone who screws people over in a bad way.
My boss, the ratfucker, wouldn't approve my vacation request, and my trip was non-refundable.
by amanda March 09, 2004
Jade is an amazing guitarist not to mention great vocalist and he is also the most original seXXXY artist around..his live proformance is orgasmic hes wonderful and he'll always have a place in my heat along with Davey, Hunter, and, Adam...THROUGH OUR BLEEDING WE ARE ONE!!!! AFI WILL ALWAYS KICK ASS JUST DEAL WITH IT....
by Amanda August 29, 2003
This is a term that translates into " You are a stupid american." or "You are a stupid fucker." (Mostly used by british people.)
"Get out of the way you bloody little wanker!"
by Amanda March 18, 2005

;Telling some one to shut up
Adam: Oh look at that car
by amanda June 03, 2004
the prohibition amendment; outlawing the use & sell of alcohol or any alcoholic beverage
The 18th Amendment was not very successful.
by amanda June 23, 2003
your belly, stomach
I'm filling my food box right now.
by Amanda March 10, 2003
A community college located in San Marcos where everyone from Poway High goes right after high school or after they have been away at a big university for a year and get homesick and come back to live with their mommy and daddy.
High School...with smoking allowed.
by amanda April 01, 2005

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