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273 definitions by Amanda

Reduce, reuse, recycle
Person 1: Yo, I think I'mma gon' throw this soda can into the trash can.

Person 2: Stop right there. RRR, my nig.
by Amanda May 27, 2004
(from Slashdot) A name automatically given to an anonymous user who posts comments on a message board, meant to motivate users to register.
I set my threshold so that I don't have to look at all the stupid comments from Anonymous Cowards.
by Amanda April 20, 2004
Someone who screws people over in a bad way.
My boss, the ratfucker, wouldn't approve my vacation request, and my trip was non-refundable.
by amanda March 09, 2004
The coolest hairdo in the world that all the goyim wish they could grow.
My grandfather sported a jewfro.
by Amanda May 09, 2005
This is a term that translates into " You are a stupid american." or "You are a stupid fucker." (Mostly used by british people.)
"Get out of the way you bloody little wanker!"
by Amanda March 18, 2005
1. The female form of the noun cock block.

2. Also a verb with the same meaning as cock block
Ashley: Hey, let us use your bed.
Amanda: No, I'm studying.
Ashley: Come on, don't be a vag block.
by Amanda March 08, 2005
the prohibition amendment; outlawing the use & sell of alcohol or any alcoholic beverage
The 18th Amendment was not very successful.
by amanda June 23, 2003