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1)The worst game ever invented. It involves triple-sixes, Eqyptian Rat Screw, marijuana, and various forms of cocaine. Don't ever play
2) In Soviet Russia, Card Play You!
After Ryan and I played Racket&Clank, we determined Fillipino Chicken Bust is the dumbest game ever invented
by AmIrIkA June 09, 2005
1.) The University of Cincinnati
2.) A broke ass school where a bunch of poor crackhead niggas get in. Football is decent, basketball is good, but every goddamn player has felonies out the ass. Seriously, they have a longer rap sheet than Charles Manson's crack dealer.
When I went to prison, I met and got autographs from UC's star quarterback and point guard. They also sold me crack and I got violated in the process.
by AmIrIkA June 14, 2005

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