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1 definition by Always a Mountie

Only place where hicks, preppy kids, spoiled assholes,Long Island bitches, sluts, dogs and god-squads can live in harmony. It is a beautiful place, but shitty place to be. Only hicks and rednecks can appreciate this shitty county hole they call "Emmitsburg". It's where Jersey kids come down and start crying because they don't know how to fill up the gas for their cars. It's where assholes and bitches from New York come for an education, because they were way too retarded to get into NYU or Columbia. It's where Maryland kids come, because they couldn't get into Loyola or wanted to get some Jersey/New York ass. It's where you get to know some hicks if you are one of those sheltered rich kids. It's where a hick can get to know what the hell Abercrombie is. For Abercrombie lovers, it's a hellish place to be, 'cause they don't have a store around. However, you do get to see the clothes on fake-tanned decent girls by day, slutty whores by night and weekends. Dudes are not any better. They are man whores and like to think that they are gangstas. In real life, they are white as they can be and doesn't know shit about living in projects or having a rough life. They all tend to be stupid especially if they play sports. Only redeeming quality is that their parents are rich or rich enough to help them when they graduate with less than a stellar GPA and accomplishments. It's where you are one of those stereotypes mentioned here, you know that you are and you don't give a shit, 'cause tomorrow is another day and there is another freshman girl you need to screw before her freshman 15.
Example - Steve from Class of 2002 proudly proclaiming (writing on the bed frame in his room)the fact that he did anal with his girlfriend in A26.

Example 2 - JRT. Case Closed.
by Always a Mountie April 22, 2005