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2 definitions by Alterous

Used to serve Aule but Melkor turned Sauron evil. After Morgoth was sealed away, Sauron became the Dark Lord. Forged the One Ring but eventually was cast into the void like morgoth was when Gollum fell into Orodruin with the Ring.
Skilled Craftsman, Melkor's Chief Servant, Lord of the Rings, Ar-Pharazon's adviser and Necromancer.
by Alterous November 16, 2003
The evil first Dark Lord of Middle Earth. He was the most powerful of the ainur race and in the Valar division. He was more powerful than Sauron, by loads, as Sauron was only of the Maiar, though among the most powerful. Eventually Melkor was known as Morgoth, he anihilated Elves and Men but Valar sealed him away until Dagor Dagorath
Big Baddie in all Middle-Earth
by Alterous November 16, 2003