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1. A hot-ass bitch with long blond hair, cat-like eyes, and typically wears baggy jeans, a green jacket, and a tank top that can barely hold her boobs.

2. While featured on one of the worst cartoons ever, a smokin jailbait who's fuckable until either you or she dies from exhaustion.
Debbie Thornberry's golden locks give me mega bonerz!
by Alright Thazzit April 21, 2008
Worst Family Guy character ever.
Herbert is going to be killed off in Season 7. HOORAY!!
by Alright Thazzit January 17, 2008
Worst Black show in human history. Used to air on the Disney Channel.
Watching The Proud Family gave me cancer. :(
by Alright Thazzit January 17, 2008

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