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2 definitions by Alphanumericguy

A headstrong individual who everyone looks up to. She loves to win and finds it hard to deal with losing. Her strong personality guides everyone to the right place and they can't help but love her. She is drop dead gorgeous with stunning blue eyes, and long glossy hair. Boys can't help fall for her flirtatious smile and every girl in her damn right mind will be jealous of her popularity and amazingness.
Guy 1: she is beautiful, smart and sassy!
Guy 2: bet her names Ava!
by Alphanumericguy March 23, 2013
or griping, a style of driving or racing that takes turns in a fast speed/rate without tire skidding or oversteer, usally understeer is used when gripping..?
by AlphanumericGuy June 01, 2003