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Some of the best weed you will find.

comes from as north as Vancouver B.C., and as south as Humboldt County. don't be fooled though. a lot of great stuff is grown right here in state. city never runs dry. Also the only known cure of being Portland Bored.
Sam: shit man, there's nothing to ever to do here in this shithole city.

Chris: sounds like you are Portland Bored

Sam: yeah...lets go find some Portland Weed and get glazed
#weed #pot #stoned #herb #bud
by Alpha Cleezy August 18, 2006
1.Getting way way way too stoned. example: can't answer your cell phone, remember your middle name, or figure out who's at the front door.

2. being so stoned, the only thing you can do it just sit and chill. example: the effects of smoking too much Portland Weed, trying not to be Portland Bored.

3. a phrase first uttered infamously by Johnny Five
Otto: "wow man. i was good after the first rip. how much did we end up smoking?"

John: "about an eigth"

Otto: " shit man, i am glazed"

#stoned #donut #high #ripped #coma
by Alpha Cleezy August 18, 2006
a lamer version of being bored, that kind of bored one can only experience from living in portland. Feels like a big city, looks like a big city, but there still isn't shit to do. mountain biking, snowboarding, the beach. yeah...only if you want to drive a hour-plus to get there, and fight traffic on too small freeways filled with shitty california, washington, and other oregon idiot drivers.

the only thing that cures it is our Portland Weed. goods stuff!
Joe: wanna go see Big Name Band, at the Rose Garden tonight?

Bob: and pay $100 for nose bleed seats, because there's nothing else to do here, and the city fools will pay to see it? no thanks.

Joe: what else then? i'm bored

Bob: yeah, Portland Bored.
#portland #bored #sucks #lame #yawn
by Alpha Cleezy August 18, 2006
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