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A bizarre and dangerous fetish that requires an abundance of excrement, both human and animal, that the living human smears all over the dead animal. Any animal will do, but only if its been dead long enough for the decay to be both nasally offensive and of course maggoty in texture. The human male (it's almost always a he - except in the much rarer lesbonecrofecalbestiality) then proceeds to violate the animal corpse, in the ungodly act of sodomy, until the rotting flesh and interspecies shit forms a sort of paste, which the man then spreads on a cracker and tries to trick people into eating, even going so far as to fabricate a completely made up word for the putrescence: pate.
party goer 1: "Hey, I'm not so sure about this party. The host looks like he's been rolling in dead shit, and he's been touching all the food. I think I just lost my appetite."
party goer 2: "Don't be ignorant! He's a gourmet! Look, have you tried this pate? Its to die for!"
thoughts of the guy who does necrofecalbestiality: "Hehehehehe, my sexual arousal has so peaked! this is much better than collecting pink socks"
by Alpha&Omega September 06, 2005
A beneficent and God-pleasing act that requires at least one sorostitute (able bodied is a must - an amputee would be too cruel) and one tall frosty can of Steel Reserve. Merely lead the cock hungry whore (i.e. the sorostitute) into your bedroom or the back of your van, wherever you normally do this stuff, and proceed to penetrate her vigorously. After she is good and moist from some heavy duty fucking, pull out of her gaping vagina and immediately enter her gaping rectum. Since she is a lowly whore, she will expect this move as lovemaking's natural progression. But here's where you surprise the bitch: upon reaching climax, pull out once more and nut all over her back, but aim your shooting sperm arc so most of it gets in her stylish hairdo. As she contemplates the piss poor state of her life, you perform the coup de grace by shot gunning the Steel Reserve and pouring the undrinkable trickles on her cum gummed head. If and only if she really deserve this last part, then go ahead and: place one palm under her chin for leverage while smashing the empty can down on the top of her skull, thus crushing the can and whatever fleeting scraps of dignity she may have had left.
Hey I heard your slutty sister likes to get the Steely McMichaels, but she requests the skull can crunch! She must have suffered some trauma that links her arousal with pain and humiliation. Too bad.
by Alpha&Omega October 26, 2005
Though it helps to be high sometimes even sober people can come across Satan pirating the broadcast spectrum (he is the prince of air after all) and flooding poor unsuspecting mortals with dastardly sounds and images resulting in a memorable mind fuck.
Dude, one time I was totally fried out of my gourd, and after walking through a hellbroth of sonar beeping bats, my pals and I finally reached an indoor place of rest. How wrong we were. As soon as we turned on the old television, the Satan Transmission began. The screen went all green and striped, but what we could make out scared the shit out of us. It was some mockery of a religious program, but it had the triple 6 down at the bottom of the screen, and the preacher man had extra eyes in his forehead. Freaked me the fuck out.
by Alpha&Omega October 26, 2005
The hypothetical and real life realm inhabited by any entity of the utmost clout.
Alpha&Omega lives OutSideOfTime and sometimes misses all the mortal goings on but usually just drinks himself into a hateful state.
by Alpha&Omega September 30, 2005
Acronym for a classic role playing game called Breath Of Fire. It centers around the role of dragons in a variety of mythical worlds, many of which are being tyranized by a Goddess, who is usually the final boss or source of the games conflicts.
bof 3 is one of the greatest traditional role playing games available on psx
by Alpha&Omega July 22, 2005

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