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1 definition by AllyKkat

Great Neck is a wealthy town in Nassau County, Long Island. I’m writing this mainly because most of these definitions are unfair. Great Neck North High School is highly populated by Persians, yes, but Great Neck South High isn’t. We’re mainly Caucasian-Jewish, but we (South) also have a very high population of Asians. Great Neck is a very wealthy town, but Kings Point is the only outstandingly rich village. We’re for the most part upper-middle class. And we have lots of apartment buildings, too. So we’re not as uppity as some of these definitions make us out to be. Yes, we’re known for our slutty little girls in their juicy and Abercrombie and some of it is quite disgusting. But there are probably less people like that than not. What town doesn’t have spoiled, rich brats? And yeah, they flaunt their money with their cars, clothes and handbags, but would you rather have uniforms? Thought so. I think most people mellow out once they’re upperclassmen. At least at South, most people are chill. From my experience, North and South are two completely different breeds of human. We should definitely not be lumped into the same category. We have a very competitive and rigorous district, which is why we’re one of the top public schools in the nation, so we’re not ditsy … for the most part.
I live in Great Neck.
by AllyKkat February 25, 2009