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A condition from which a woman can suffer, do to constantly being a BITCH, or BEOTCH. It is not fatal in most cases, but it can be. There is little or no cure.
Beotch: "You are probably going to die of alcoholism, asshole..."

Me: "Well you are eventually going to die of Beotchilism, BEEEEEEAAAYYAAYYATCHH!"
by Allumni October 09, 2005
Cuntseanera (KUNT-sen-YETTA)- This is a derivative of the Spanish word "Quinceanera", pronounced (Keen-sen-Yetta) in which a girl of age 15 becomes a woman. It is a giant party much like a Bahtmitzvah. A CUNTSEANERA is a figurative party for the worlds biggest bitch, or CUNT.
girl 1: "Lupe has been a total bitch lately."
girl 2: "I guess she has been getting ready for her CUNTceanera!"
by Allumni October 09, 2005

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