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An overly friendly goodbye to show affection to friends, family and strangers.

The opposite to the Australian greeting.
Guy 1: "See you later, Tom"

Guy 2: "G'bye!" *closes door*

Guy 1: "What an odd fella"
by AllTheWords March 12, 2013
A favour that one bro does for another without expecting anything in return.
Guy 1: "Hey Robbie"

Guy 2: "Hi Jonno"

Guy 1: "Thanks for helping me arrange my fishing rods last night"

Guy 2: "No problem"

Guy 1: "That sure was a bro solid that you did for me"
by AllTheWords March 12, 2013
Mainly used in relation to depressed clowns but can also be used to describe circus acts with suicidal tendencies.
Trapeze Artist 1: "What's up with Dylan?"

Trapeze Artist 2: "He's having a real bad time at the moment"

Trapeze Artist 1: "You don't think he'll go Dead Clown do you?"
by AllTheWords March 12, 2013
A non-homophobic way of saying farewell to a friend, housemate or new acquaintance.

Usually follows the phrase - 'G'bye'
Guy 1: "See you in a bit, Tom"

Guy 2: "Where you going?"

Guy 1: "Shop"

Guy 2: "Grab some, milk. G'bye, love you soon"
by AllTheWords March 12, 2013
An item that has been invented but has no need to be in the world.

It is claimed in conversation.
The string that enables the wearer to hang them around their neck.

A garden gnome.

"That's a petant"
by AllTheWords March 12, 2013
A mixture of two scientific words that describes a adult males seed, e.g. Sperm + Semen

Pronounced - SPEE-MEN
Guy 1: "Dave, I went into a public toilet yesterday and there was spemen everywhere"

Guy 2: "That's why I only excrete at my house"
by AllTheWords March 12, 2013
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