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A community clown is a person who would want everything from you but in exchange will give nothing back or do nothing for you, these people can be found all over the world, even in your community.You can abbreviate community clowns to ''cc's''.These people are on the rise in every community, in other words these are the 'fake' people in society.they are very similiar to gaysta's, they might not act tough but are the most slyest people about, once again brought to you by ali aka the king aka your father.
The definition for a 'community clowns' can be applie to many situations, so make up an example and relate it to yourself.
by Ali.gat0r March 31, 2008
A gaysta is an individual who thinks he/she is tough but in actual fact is a little community clown.Gaysta's can be found all over the world, colour, creed, and race is not restricted.These are the type of people who put on a hardcore front just to act tough,gangsta and etc.These people will act hard in packs but when they are alone their whole character is compromised/changed with the exchange of a few words.Alot of gaysta's have taken over the net, myspace has its own unique kind, called the ''myspace warriors', youtube, the ''youtube hooligans'', wheras yahoo has the ''usb gun bangers/shooters'' aka hackers.This definition is brought to you by ali aka your dad aka the king fresh outta birmingham.
This definition for 'gaysta' can be applied to many different situations, so fuck an example, make one up.
by Ali.gat0r March 31, 2008
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